About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of Dauphin Co-op are:

Lorne Eiffert, General Manager

Lori Sanden, Controller

Nadia Spikula, HR/Credit Manager

Katelyn Wozny, Human Resource Manager

Joan Chetyrbok, Marketing/Community Relations Manager

Richard Ives, Asset Protection/Health & Safety Manager

Darian Bercier, Food Manager

Melinda Harris, Grocery Manager

Stacy McIntyre, Bakery Manager

Bob Humberstone, Meat Manager

Wayne Priest, Produce Manager

Brenda Green, Deli Manager

Midge Sametz, Mountain Road Gas Bar Manager

Kelly Moroz, Main Street Gas Bar Manager

Lyle Gouldsborough, Agro Division Manager

Jim MacMillan, Petroleum Manager

Stephen Bunka, Building Division Manager

Jason Zurba, Ste. Rose Home Centre Manager

Guy Pinette, Ste Rose Agro Manager