Olympic Torchbearer

February 1, 2018
Olympic Torchbearer

Our very own Dylan Loucks, Grocery department, had the privilege of carrying the Olympic Torch as the flame travelled across Canada in 2010 when the Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, BC.

Coca-Cola is committed to the Olympic Movement and wants Canadians to live active, positive lives. Canadians that make a commitment to active or sustainable lifestyles had the opportunity to become a torchbearer and carry the Olympic Flame.

Dylan took the chance when he was 16 years old, applied to be a torchbearer and was chosen for the relay! Dylan volunteered at his old elementary school, Henderson, helping the gym teacher whenever he could with the students.

Dylan got the chance of a lifetime and carried the torch as it travelled through Winkler, MB on a cold January day on it's journey to light the Olympic Cauldron at the opening ceremonies in Vancouver on February 12, 2010.