A New Addition to the Ag Team in Ste Rose

September 17, 2018
A New Addition to the Ag Team in Ste Rose


We are pleased to have Keah MacMillan join our Agro team in Ste Rose.

“Arriving at Ste. Rose Agro has been very busy since my arrival in May! The past few weeks have been full of excitement. Some of my daily tasks have included fertilizer blending, field scouting, chemical recommendations and much more. I am enjoying meeting numerous individuals from all over our area and look forward to getting to know more of our customers. Each day has and continues to be a great learning experience for me. The team here in Ste. Rose and in Dauphin have been fantastic to work with. I look forward to the future working with Ste. Rose Co-op Agro.” stated Keah MacMillan, Agronomist at Ste. Rose Co-op Agro.

Keah grew up on an acreage near Dauphin and spent plenty of time helping out at her grandparents’ farm near Ste Rose.  “As a teenager, I got to spend a good amount of time in a combine with my dad.”

Keah spends time volunteering with the Dauphin Ag Society Fair, Ag in the classroom, and helps out with the Eddystone 4H Club as much as she can. She’s always been involved with the community through volunteering at Lt. Colonel Barker V.C. School in the classrooms and as a photographer for local community and non-profit events.

Keah developed an interest in agronomy after listening to her brother talk about what he was learning while he attended an Agribusiness program and wanted to learn more. She chose agronomy “because it’s continually a learning process as all crops and fields are different. Another reason is that there are multiple jobs in this field of study that one person can do, making each day exciting and new.”

We are proud to have Keah on our team – she is a welcome asset.